Ben Gabbe uses his experience, technical expertise and artistry to present his subjects in their best light. 

Known for imagery that influences and expresses the unique essence you want to convey, Ben works in close partnership to design, evoke and deliver the mood and vision that speaks to your people. Whether you are promoting new branding of a product, a business, family or yourself, Ben's photos move your audience to recognize the value you represent.

A photographer-of-choice for A-list events in the New York area for 15 over years, Ben's passion for photography started at a young age, leading to his work being published in the The New York Times, Vogue, Marie Claire, The Wall Street Journal and on television, blogs and websites all over the world. Ben has worked with top photographic agencies including Getty Images. 

When not on assignment, Ben can be found taking long bike rides, skiing the slopes in Colorado and finding the dynamic imagery that catches his eye. Ben now lives in Fairfield, Connecticut and maintains a photographic presence and practice anywhere a camera can travel.


Q & A


What is Your Approach to Photographing People?

We start by asking some important questions:

  • Who is your portrait trying to reach?
  • Is there a social media audience you want to attract?
  • Are you looking to attract a life partner who shares your sense of values and style? 

We discuss your specific need and talk about how you want to be perceived. Everything from location to lighting and clothing will go into bringing your portrait to life.


Social Media and Dating Sites:

We make sure your image is up-to-date and portrays the authentic you, sending the right signals to your audience.


Family Portraits:

Capture a moment in time that conveys the intimate expression of love at each stage of families growth and development! Whether you want to send holiday cards or portray a time of life, quality photos are the ones you'll come back to again and again as your family grows.


What is Your Approach to Headshots?

  • Are you an actor with specific roles in mind?
    • We look for the theme in the roles you want and consider examples of looks that represent the way you want to be seen. 
  • Are you an executive communicating trustworthiness and a flair for innovation?
    • We match your look to your industry and to the kind of company you work for - or want to work for. 
  • Are you in your early career, looking for a great LinkedIn headshot?  
    • We will convey your enthusiasm, fresh perspective and reliability!
  • Are you an entrepreneur or in private practice, looking to boost your image on your media and social sites?
    • We go for the image that aligns with your personal branding.


What is Your Brand & Product Promotion Approach?

Each session is designed to be completely tailored to you and your brand and how you want to be perceived by your audience. Prior to the session, we will share imagery ideas that speak to you. These ideas will form the basis of the look we will be going for. On-site, we collaborate to make sure you are getting the images you want.


Location & Weather

Where Do the Shoots Take Place?

Studio or on-location


What Happens if the Weather is Bad for an Outdoor Shoot?

We love overcast days! They make for great light and minimal shadows. However, if the weather turns we will reschedule to a day and time where the weather is more comfortable for all parties involved.


What Safety Steps Do You Take in the Covid Era? 

Ben (and/or his assigned photographers) are fully vaccinated and wear a face mask for the duration of the shoot. We depend on our awesome collection of lenses for social distancing. We want everyone to stay healthy!



Partial Client List (Brands/Organizations)

Audemars Piguet

Tiffany & Co.




WhistlePig Whiskey



Hoka One One

Providence Equity


City Harvest

New Destiny Housing

Jewish National Fund

Syracuse University



Studio Museum

To Book A Session

ben gabbe Photography now sells select images as NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens) they can be found HERE.


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